Moving Forward.

January is done. What a month. Since coming back from Hong Kong in November the last little while has been spent mostly with family and friends. Projects slowed down near the end of the year, and it forced me to look at getting a part time or full time job. We all know how long that process takes.

January a flush of work was offered and I’ve been busy ever since. Found out in the middle of the month I didn’t get a graphic design position in Richmond. The owner said they cancelled the position; the head graphic designer told me they hired someone with more experience. I don’t know why I heard 2 separate reasons, but, whatevs.

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Sunday Afternoon.


So my one month stint at Cob’s ended up being just short of a month. It was very interesting being in a corporate environment. It was interesting to try to figure out what other people’s relationships are with each other, and how to properly develop your own. In the 3 weeks I was there, I understood corporate branding and marketing a little more. I understood what it takes to reach a certain audience, and how to properly communicate to them. I’m not saying I am an expert; I just learned a little just now.

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Gearing up for an update.

For those who actually read my posts, I admit I’ve been slacking. A lot has happened since I last wrote on this blog, but I will write in it soon. In short, my Asia trip was wonderful. Seeing the lady was great and we experienced a lot of new things. We spent the days catching up on 6 months of lost time, eating new foods, and exploring new places. We road an elephant, took pictures with tigers, ate like royalty, had thai massages, and danced barefoot at a beach night club in Koh Samet.

Gearing up for the trip, I’ve been busy keeping up with my projects. Early on this year I complained about not having much to do and the struggles of finding a job. Since no one was willing to hire me, I have created opportunities for myself. Still finishing up that fitness product, on my second prototype for the camera bag, on the second concept for safevac logo and on the first version of business cards, still organizing Flagship (now on facebook and most other social media sites), finished Cork It logo and business cards (minor tweaks), started a new branding and package design project for towel for gym time use, and I am the go to graphic designer for a company that will remain unnamed and Dipt Urban Wear’s house brand - Vancity Originals.

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Happy Easter

I feel good right now.

An update with my projects:

I finally finished the Mayfair News website. I also put together some promo cards to hand out at the store. I only had 2 people turn them down on 4 days of working. Haven’t got much feed back yet, we’ll see if people mention anything. I’m happy with it. It’s quiet and clean. A lot of little subtleties I like. I like adding things for people to discover. It’s a bit more interactive, and by choice too. Much like the Hartney & Company website (*sorry for the self promo).

The camera bag project is going smooth so far. I can only anticipate craziness as it gets we get closer to prototyping. Had a few meetings under the belt, and I can’t ask for a better client. Easy going, thorough, and very supportive.

As a surprise even to myself, I am almost finished the “Cork It!” logo within my estimated time. If you’re not a designer, estimating is pretty tough at first. In school, they don’t prepare us for time constraints. Before, time was a deadline, now time is money. An efficient designer is the best kind of designer. This logo process involved only one digital iteration. (past post about “Cork It!”) “Cork It!” is a nonprofit organization aimed at recycling corks from restaurants, hotels, and bars. I’ll post a picture when I’m finished. Maybe an hour left.

Also, I just booked my plane tickets to Hong Kong and Thailand. Super stoked! I can’t wait! I’ll be there for about 2.5 weeks! Probably head to Koh Phangan after we explore Bangkok. Originally the plan was to land on my baby’s birthday, and Thailand full moon party on mine. But later found out the dates were wrong. Ah well, no harm no fowl. We’ll have fun regardless! Can’t wait for the white sand and blue water.

I’m going to get some suits made for sure. I’m gonna be fresh ;)

Time for a _S

I woke up early today to finished up my presentation for the camera bag project. I went downtown for a photo shoot first. It’s an online ad. You won’t see my face, just my arm and a bit of my tattoo. I’m not sure if I can say what company it’s for just yet. I’ll post the ad when I get the link and when it’s done editing. It will be all over facebook I’m sure.

After the photo shoot, I went to meet with my client about the camera bag project. I was pretty nervous until after the meeting. We signed the contract a few weeks back so I had to show a few weeks worth of work. I fooled myself by not doing a lot of actual designing/drawing. I forget that there is a lot of front end research, so not having a lot of drawings or finalized concepts is understandable. I showed my client all the research I’ve done to this point and ended up talking for about an hour and a bit straight. I guess I had something to talk about!! Most school presentations weren’t be longer than 15min. Overall it went well. Client was happy. Or at least appears to be :)

After that I went home, made myself some fish. I bought a lot of healthy groceries because I started and finished a cleanse last week. On the detox cleanse, I ended up losing about 20lbs. Def’ thinned out a bit. I was out of shape anyways. I have a six pack again hahaha…. So def’ going to try to keep my weight low, eat properly.

After some baby bak choy, some sable fish and white rice (I know I should of made brown while I was at it), I went to my Flaghship meeting. We’re winding up our branding design process. Business cards are next in line to be approved. Then we move on to focusing on finding manufacturers and the designing of clothes. I now remember I haven’t officially wrote why Flagship is happening. I’ll save that for another post, it’ll get long if I don’t.

The Flaghship meeting went well, we finalized the cards, and now just a few last tweaks, and we look for quotes!

After the meeting, I went to visit my buddies, Pat and Ben over at the Emily Carr shop. They are cooking up a storm as always. RESPECT.

Then, went to wings with my buddies TT, BB, Br, and kyd! Nice cap for the end of the night.



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So, as said, I got the contract for the camera bag job. I am currently looking at cool packs and camera bags. Here’s one that I like!


And it goes a little something like this…

Camera bag project confirmed. Contract signed. Let’s begin.

Branding non-profit. Soon.

What’s up now, what’s up now?

Its been a while since I updated this blog regarding my life. I think the last time I wrote, I mentioned my second interview with WWI, which was one of the best interviews I’ve ever had. I felt I was very well spoken, talked about my day camp experience, high school awards and accomplishments, college life as a student athlete, my studio art diploma, and industrial design degree. I presented my last formally written proposal, and my most recent Hardihood catalog. As the interview was coming to a close, the director of architecture told me he would contact me regarding a third interview if I made it to that point sometime the following week. He said he would definitely hear from him whether I got it or not, and that there were 6 other people he was interviewing. Top 7 is not bad. Nonetheless, as good as I felt in the interview I knew nothing was certain.

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“I was banging 7 gram rocks and finishing them, because that’s how I roll. I have one speed. I have one gear. Go. - Charlie Sheen

If everyone had an outlook on life like Charlie Sheen does now, there would be a lot less sad people in this world. Just saying.

About to start a busy month.

March to do’s

- Get CNC prototype for NBA.

- Get the rest of the production quotes.

- Get quotes and manufacturer for custom jacquard nylon webbing.

- Camera bag design job.

"50 told me, go ‘head and switch your style up…"

"… if they hate then let them hate, and watch the money pile up." - Kanye

While in Vegas, T, K, and I had one primary objective, and that was to present our new FLAGSHIP concept to Roger and hear what he was to say. We left home at 5:30am anticipating a President’s day rush of some sort. There wasn’t, but best to be prepared and early than the opposite. I definitely didn’t want to miss another flight like we did last time. We got to the Bellingham Airport with ease, rested, and boarded our flight.

We arrived in Las Vegas and started the trip on the right foot. We look a limo to our the Cosmopolitan where we were staying, checked in and got to our room. Once there, we unloaded, and proceeded to find a place to eat. We went to a Wolfgang Puck restaurant where every hour was happy hour! This was at the Crystals mall. We shared a pizza, paninis and a bit of salad.

We met up with Roger’s manager J and his friend E. We talked about the plans for later that night and when we would reconvene. Turns out that Roger’s flight was delayed and therefore sound check and dinner would be as well. We went back to our room to nap since, the three of us had barely any sleep the night before. Woke up around 9pm and got ready for dinner. Dinner plans switched from Lavo to STK in Cosmopolitan.

As we got to the restaurant and brought Roger and Jermaine their new swag, and started catching up. After Roger ordered, I presented the FLAGSHIP concept to him and talk about our ideas, and how we are currently undergoing the design process of a new logo and wordmark. We told him about G and our Taipei plans. Roger was 100% into our concept. “Effortlessly cool; Hardihood grown up,” he said. We agreed. Nonetheless we proceeded to have a very extravagant dinner complete with lobster, king crab, steaks, kobe beef, black truffles, and dessert to name a few.

Roger mentioned a music video he will be filming later this year, and asked if we would be interested in styling it, and perhaps even getting G involved as an actor! Cross promotion to the fullest! It was music to my ears. Sorry for the pun. But regardless we were all stoked with the idea.

Later that night we met up once again to head to Marquee where Roger would be performing that night. We walked in; walked to our table; ordered, and loved the night. We cheers’ed, and was blown away with the show. The sound system is hooked up to the light effects and the LED wall behind the DJ booth so the show was fresh to death. We drank the rest of the night away.

Roger left at about 4am; he had to catch a flight to Miami. Roger’s been touring nonstop for the last 20 years. The guy has seen some shit I’m sure. So hearing his insight and for him to share his knowledge and experience we us means a lot.

The next night we took it easy, chilled for the majority of the day, then at dinner at Scarpetta, which is an Italian restaurant also at the Cosmo. We went to Tao later that night. The three went to the table. It was sub par, so we ditched that idea and just chilled at the bar the rest of the night. After the club we got a pizza and passed out.

Overall the experience was great! I now know what it feels like to be properly taken care of. I always wanted to be successful and still do. I am working hard towards it. I got a taste of what it feels like this weekend, and I would like it to be like that from now on! Eating the finest foods, meeting interesting people from around the world, doing what I love. Who can’t get used to that?

Now I am back home and it’s back on the grind. Waiting once again to hear from WWI. I will be emailing 3d Services today, and revising my CB proposal. Tonight is vball so I got an outlet to release my stress! Hopefully I will have a job before March is over. This application process is annoying. At least the shirts are selling well! ahhah

On another note, I met up with the NBA guys last night to go over new information from the manufacturers I’ve been talking to. We are once again “moving along.” This product will be in stores this year.

My next post should be interesting :)

Love you Sara.

Out of my hands

Today I went in for my second interview for WWI. I must say, I couldn’t of done any better. There was no aspect of today’s interview that I would change. I gave it my best and I gave it my all. At this point, the decision of getting to the next step is out of my hands. I will find out next week.

I also semi agreed to the proposal I sent last week regarding the camera bag contract! My client will be signing the proposal after some edits and when he gets back from his business trip.

I, will be leaving for Vegas in about 2 hrs. Good night!

Valentine’s day

The last 24hrs or so have been a bit messy but rewarding. Organizing flowers to be delivered in Hong Kong was a bit tricky! For the first time, I am admitting my Chinese speaking skills suuuuuuuuck. However, the flowers were delivered, and my baby was happy. On another note, if you need to ask your girlfriend how to say her shipping address in another language but don’t want her to know you’re sending her something, know your lie in advance.

This morning I woke up ready to meet Phoebe and her mom at dim sum. To my surprise her aunt came along! We had a great meal and talk a lot about fashion, manufacturing and a lot of general good advice for someone like me. During dim sum I got a call from an unknown number. I excused myself, and answered. It was WWI the water park company asking if I would like to come in for a second in person interview!!!!! I didn’t expect that at all! I counted myself out at 4:35pm on Friday! So this Thurs is my appointment, but I have to call tomorrow to see if I can switch it over to Weds.

Also this past 24hrs, I am finally getting some more responses for my product design project. Looking for injection molders for foam is easier that looking for heat press molders for foam. Still, I’ve emailed about 30 companies, and I’ve heard from about 7ish.

Also on Wednesday, I have to meet at school for a Graduation meeting. I will also be meeting the designers that day. Hopefully we will have lots to talk about. Last week we had a great talk! Now its down to the nitty gritty! Time to start selecting and refining.

The gentleman I met from craigslist about the product design I called today. We might meet on Weds or Thurs. I am still hoping this project goes through! If it does, I have a few things on my to buy list!

This Friday I will be heading down south to Sin City to meet up with Roger. I am excited to stay at the Cosmopolitan and see Marquee! Last month when I was there, I really liked the way the Cosmo looked and the way it was designed. There’s also a Droog store attached to the Crystals mall. For the first time, I am able to say I’m going on a business trip ;)

The Wait

Ok so it’s 4:00pm right now. That means if I don’t get a call within the hour from the water park company, I didn’t make it to the next round of the interviewing process. I’m okay with that; I didn’t have the necessary experience anyways. I got further than I expected, but we’ll see what happens. Still an hour!

Yesterday, I finally handed in my proposal to the gentleman I met up with from craigslist. From my understanding of the project, the contract is about 3 months, potentially more. If I get this job, it would be perfect for me to go to HK in time to see Sara. I am really hoping to land this one. I spent a good amount of time writing a detailed proposal. Market research, design, user testings, branding, and website. I should of mentioned packaging, but the product itself doesn’t necessary need packaging.

So it looks as if I am going to be in Vegas next weekend. Going to meet Roger Sanchez and party at the Marquee! We are planning on explaining Flagship to him.

Ugh….I hate this waiting game.

Reminder - At the end of the month I got to email 3d Services.


Woke up this morning relatively early to talk to WWI. The phone screening went well. I was a bit nervous, however, overall I think it was OK. I felt that I answered the questions well, but I felt rushed. I also skipped a question, and never got a chance to go back to it and answer it. I have the same feeling you get when you leave a question blank on a test but handed it in because of the time. That burning feeling like you should of done something about it, or try to make something up. Not a good feeling I might add. However answering a question badly doesn’t make you look any better. I find out if I make it to the next round by Friday at 5pm.

As for KCD, I didn’t land the contract. I was too expensive!? I shall now put negotiable on my proposals. I wonder how much they wanted to spend? Who knows now. I still don’t think I was outrageous or anything.

Now its back to trying to write that proposal for that ID contract!

Meeting tomorrow with painter.

Meeting tomorrow with designers.

Here we go again!

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