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Its been a while since I updated this blog regarding my life. I think the last time I wrote, I mentioned my second interview with WWI, which was one of the best interviews I’ve ever had. I felt I was very well spoken, talked about my day camp experience, high school awards and accomplishments, college life as a student athlete, my studio art diploma, and industrial design degree. I presented my last formally written proposal, and my most recent Hardihood catalog. As the interview was coming to a close, the director of architecture told me he would contact me regarding a third interview if I made it to that point sometime the following week. He said he would definitely hear from him whether I got it or not, and that there were 6 other people he was interviewing. Top 7 is not bad. Nonetheless, as good as I felt in the interview I knew nothing was certain.

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"50 told me, go ‘head and switch your style up…"

"… if they hate then let them hate, and watch the money pile up." - Kanye

While in Vegas, T, K, and I had one primary objective, and that was to present our new FLAGSHIP concept to Roger and hear what he was to say. We left home at 5:30am anticipating a President’s day rush of some sort. There wasn’t, but best to be prepared and early than the opposite. I definitely didn’t want to miss another flight like we did last time. We got to the Bellingham Airport with ease, rested, and boarded our flight.

We arrived in Las Vegas and started the trip on the right foot. We look a limo to our the Cosmopolitan where we were staying, checked in and got to our room. Once there, we unloaded, and proceeded to find a place to eat. We went to a Wolfgang Puck restaurant where every hour was happy hour! This was at the Crystals mall. We shared a pizza, paninis and a bit of salad.

We met up with Roger’s manager J and his friend E. We talked about the plans for later that night and when we would reconvene. Turns out that Roger’s flight was delayed and therefore sound check and dinner would be as well. We went back to our room to nap since, the three of us had barely any sleep the night before. Woke up around 9pm and got ready for dinner. Dinner plans switched from Lavo to STK in Cosmopolitan.

As we got to the restaurant and brought Roger and Jermaine their new swag, and started catching up. After Roger ordered, I presented the FLAGSHIP concept to him and talk about our ideas, and how we are currently undergoing the design process of a new logo and wordmark. We told him about G and our Taipei plans. Roger was 100% into our concept. “Effortlessly cool; Hardihood grown up,” he said. We agreed. Nonetheless we proceeded to have a very extravagant dinner complete with lobster, king crab, steaks, kobe beef, black truffles, and dessert to name a few.

Roger mentioned a music video he will be filming later this year, and asked if we would be interested in styling it, and perhaps even getting G involved as an actor! Cross promotion to the fullest! It was music to my ears. Sorry for the pun. But regardless we were all stoked with the idea.

Later that night we met up once again to head to Marquee where Roger would be performing that night. We walked in; walked to our table; ordered, and loved the night. We cheers’ed, and was blown away with the show. The sound system is hooked up to the light effects and the LED wall behind the DJ booth so the show was fresh to death. We drank the rest of the night away.

Roger left at about 4am; he had to catch a flight to Miami. Roger’s been touring nonstop for the last 20 years. The guy has seen some shit I’m sure. So hearing his insight and for him to share his knowledge and experience we us means a lot.

The next night we took it easy, chilled for the majority of the day, then at dinner at Scarpetta, which is an Italian restaurant also at the Cosmo. We went to Tao later that night. The three went to the table. It was sub par, so we ditched that idea and just chilled at the bar the rest of the night. After the club we got a pizza and passed out.

Overall the experience was great! I now know what it feels like to be properly taken care of. I always wanted to be successful and still do. I am working hard towards it. I got a taste of what it feels like this weekend, and I would like it to be like that from now on! Eating the finest foods, meeting interesting people from around the world, doing what I love. Who can’t get used to that?

Now I am back home and it’s back on the grind. Waiting once again to hear from WWI. I will be emailing 3d Services today, and revising my CB proposal. Tonight is vball so I got an outlet to release my stress! Hopefully I will have a job before March is over. This application process is annoying. At least the shirts are selling well! ahhah

On another note, I met up with the NBA guys last night to go over new information from the manufacturers I’ve been talking to. We are once again “moving along.” This product will be in stores this year.

My next post should be interesting :)

Love you Sara.

This weekend, was interesting ;)
So in my last post I mentioned a potential job. The man I met was interested in getting a product designed and manufactured. So I intend to help! I just need to talk to a few people on my side then the proposal is his way. Cross my figures for this one FO SHO!

Look up more injection molders!

I hear back from KCD in the morning. I hope its good news.

Lunch at Meat & Bread tomorrow with G. I joined their group purely on design. If the foods good, I’ll stay. I believe it is important to invest in design. I wanted to design my own tattoo, and I learned that you can’t deprive a person of their talent that you went to them for!

Potentially go to school.

Night time mini photoshoot at the big house.

Tuesday morning is that phone screening.

Meet with a woman who may want an online portfolio designed.

Meeting with Justin later this week.

Catch up with Jared.

Meet with Ben, Ron, Pat and Logan soon!

Email 3D end of month.

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